Monday, August 5, 2013

Life at the MTC

Bonjour ma famille!

First off, I'm so sorry to hear about grandpa.  Before I came to the MTC, I told you I would rather it happen after I left; but, now that it has happened, I wish I was there to help.  I felt really helpless.  But, I know that the only way I can help is to go to work for the Lord, and he will bless my family with everything you need.  So, that's what I did.  I worked sooooo much harder this week than I ever have in my whole life ha.  My brain constantly feels like it's going to explode haha.  But, it's so good!  I love it so much here!  The Spirit is so strong, and I love my district and zone so much!  Today, our old zone leaders left to Paris and the Congo.  It was way surprising how fast they became a second family to me here.  My district and zone are both super close!  We're all so different, yet exactly the same (which makes no sense, but it's true ha).  So many things happen with our district and zone that are absolutely hilarious!  Like two days ago, I cried like four times because I was laughing so hard!  So funny ha!  We have a quote wall full of sticky notes with hilarious things we say ha.

My District on our first Sunday at the MTC
This week, my testimony of faith and God's love has increased like crazy!  I've seen so many tender mercies here!  I can't remember if I told you in my last email or not, but the second night I was here we had a zone meeting for the new missionaries.  And, the entire time during it, someone was playing one of the songs that Carson always plays on the piano ha!  I loved it!  Also, I saw Elder Ensign on my first day here, and I saw Elder Kidman at the airport when I was flying to San Francisco and he was flying to South Korea.  Every time I start getting a little frustrated, a tender mercy happens and I remember the Lord.  I remember that this is His mission, and He chose me to serve the people of Tahiti for Him.  I know that He will prepare the way for me, as long as I have faith in Him and do my best!  I really liked what one of the MTC presidents said the first day we got here.  He said, "This is not your mission, it's His."  He talked about how God chose us to stand in His place, and we need to fulfill that responsibility by doing what He would do.  I had never really thought of it that way, but I know it's true.  And, I know I can do this, because God knows I can, and He will help me!

A lot of things happen at the MTC that I didn't expect.  For starters, their pineapple and bananas are AMAZING ha!  I eat like three bananas and like four bowls of pineapple every day!  Just too good!  Also, hygiene is really weird.  The bathrooms are super clean, and, apparently, they have really high standards of cleanliness because my district failed our room cleanliness check and our classroom cleanliness check, even though they're both super clean and organized ha.  Yet, some things are super disgusting.  Like the blankets and sheets they give you....disgusting ha!  Girls must have used them before us because there are 2-3 feet long hairs EVERYWHERE!  I've been here almost two weeks and I still find them ha!  I feel like I'm going to get a disease.

Both districts going to Tahiti
So, yesterday my companion and I were made the new zone leaders.  We had to help the Montreal district with some drama and respect issues, and a girl in our district needed a priesthood blessing.  And our District Leader didn't have any oil, so I gave him mine.  Thanks Carson!  I'm already using it ha!  The blessing was a really good experience though!  The Sister started feeling better immediately after the blessing!  I know that we're God's children!  I know that he loves us so much!  I know that He wants us to be happy, and if we pray and follow his guidance, He will lead us in a way that we will receive the most joy!  I know that this is His church and His gospel!  I love Him so much, and I'm thankful for the wonderful blessing to have this knowledge and this joy!  I'm so excited to help others come unto Christ and partake of this amazing joy!  I love you all so much!  You're all wonderful examples to me!

Je vous aime!

Elder Jessop

P.S.  Our box number is #138 for mail.

Fun Fact:  Tyson found out that he can't take silk ties to Tahiti because they will ruin all his shirts, so now he has to send home his ties with silk.....just Polyester and Cotton for him!  

Word of the Week:  Happy Birthday- Mahana oaoa no'oe!

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