Monday, November 25, 2013

An Answer to Every Prayer

Ia Ora Na!

Sorry about last week.  My companion got transferred last minute and things were a mess so I never got the chance to e-mail.  So sorry!  But, yeah, my new companion is Elder Lee.  He's from Provo and has been on his mission for 9 months-ish.  He's an amazing companion!  His parents are professors at BYU, his dad teaches French, and he's traveled like all around the world.  But, yeah, the food here is really good!  I like it!  My favorite food right now is called poisson cru.  It's thin slices of raw fish with carrots and cucumbers in a citrus lime juice.  And the worst was fafaru, that's rotten, raw fish ha!

The craziest thing here is just how happy they are with such a simple life!  And, they give thanks to God for EVERYTHING they have!  It's amazing!  So, we're teaching a family of newly baptized pentacontists and I love this family so much ha!  It's a small family, just a dad named Teroo, a mom named Tetua, and an 8 year old named Temeehu.  I met them the day after the dad was baptized pentacontist and started teaching them the next week haha.  Anyways, this family just has so much faith! They already loved the Book of Mormon and this week they prayed about Thomas S. Monson being a prophet.  And, they all got undeniable answers ha!  I didn't even ask them if they had prayed, they immediately told me they knew he is a prophet and told me their experiences.  They're so excited about the gospel and so willing to do whatever God asks them!  They truly love our Savior and want to follow him always!  Prayer is such a simple thing that I don't stop and think about how amazing it is.  But, we can talk with our Father in Heaven whenever we want, and He loves us and will answer EVERY prayer!  Sorry, I have to go, but I love you so much!  Thanks!  You are all so amazing!

Ua here au ia otou!

Elder Jessop

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