Monday, April 28, 2014

More Faith Than Fear

Iaorana to'u utuafare!

I'm excited for skype in a couple weeks!  For skype, we can either do it at 7 o'clock in the morning here or like 4 o'clock in the afternoon on the 11th.  I think that would be like 11 and 8 for you or something like that.  I had no idea it was Mother's Day the 11th until my dad said last week ha.  Mother's day here is two weeks after that.  But, I'm super excited to skype!  I have been practicing my English with my companion so that I can talk well haha.

Anyways, this week was good, but super weird!  They are doing a little film thing here of the first missionaries in Tahiti and they asked some missionairies to be in it.  They asked me to be in it, so I knew it wasn't that serious of a film ha.  So, my companion and I went and did that for a couple days and it was the weirdest thing ever.  It was super hard for me because I didn't feel like a missionary.  But, it was a cool experience and now I can go back to missionary work!  One experience that was pretty cool this week was with one of our investigators named Jeanne.  At the end of the last lesson, we invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it is true and, if she knew it was true, to be baptized.  She read and she gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  So, at the end of this lesson, we invited her, again, to get baptized.  She said no and then started explaining how she is living with her boyfriend and his family and they don't accept our church.  Then, she started explaining that, because of that, we need to stop coming.  It was a super weird experience because I already knew what she was going to say before she even said it.  It was like she was telling me something I already knew, so I wasn't taken back by it at all.  I just kept talking to her, definitely by the Spirit, not me, and after a while she said that she is going to go to her family's house in Paea to tell them the news that she is "mormon....going to get baptized" haha.  I loved that so much!  She almost counted herself as a member of the church already, and just before she was wanting to stop the lessons with us!  She then explained how much she just really wants to get baptized and was so excited and so thankful!  I really loved seeing the change that took place in her heart!  She knew the church is true before the lesson and after.  That didn't change.  What changed was her faith and her desire to follow the Savior.  I like to know that everyone is afraid.  We can't change that.  But, we need to have more faith than fear.  That's when we will follow the Lord.  That's when we will follow the path that leads to eternal life.  

I know that this church is true!  I know that God lives and loves us!  If we place our confidence is Him, He will lead us to eternal life, the greatest gift He could ever give.  I'm so thankful for Him and for you!  I'm so thankful that we can become an eternal family!  I love you so much!  Have a great week!  And have more faith than fear!  

Ua here au ia outou!

Elder Jessop

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