Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Blessing of being able to say I Know!

"The real success of a mission is not measured on a chart- it is etched in your heart and in the hearts of those whose lives are eternally changed because of you. Share your testimony often. I have seen nothing in a missionary that exerts more power and positive influence than the bearing of pure and simple testimony. Your testimony is the first step in the conversion of those whom you teach. Have courage to invite others to change their lives and come to Christ through obedience to the principles and ordinances of the gospel." 
                                                                                                                     -Dennis B. Neuenschwander                 

Ia Ora Na to'u utuafare!

On P-days, we go in town every p-day now to practice singing for the anniversary of the church in Tahiti.  Which is great because I'm such a great singer haha!  Not really, I'm awful!  Someone in our ward wanted us to sing for sacrament, then they heard us sing and they quickly changed their minds!  But, I actually like it even though I don't sing well because it brings the spirit super strong!  And thanks for the quote!  The first part about how a mission is measured is so true!  I saw the power of testimonies a lot this week!  In Tahiti, it's a party from Christmas through New Years, and for some people it goes until Febuary.  So, a lot of people have stopped the lessons for a couple weeks, and we have been doing a lot of just talking to people on the street.  A lot of people like to tell you about their beliefs and theories, which is super good, but they never stop haha.  But, when I share my testimony, everything stops, the Spirit comes in, and you can see it in their eyes.  You can watch the change that's happening in their hearts and on their face.

Also, before my mission, I didn't realize that other people don't really say that they know that their church is true.  Here, I've never heard it, not once.  A testimony is a truth that has been revealed by the Spirit, so it's impossible to have a testimony that any other church is true, other than Christ's church.  People say that they like their church, or their church is good, but we can say that we KNOW that our church is true!  How cool is that!  I've never been more thankful for my testimony in my life!  I see so many people every day who are lost.  They don't know who God is, where they come from, why they're here, or where they're going after death.  I'm so grateful that I can say that I KNOW this church is true.  I KNOW that God is our loving Father in Heaven.  I KNOW that He has a plan for each of us to become like Him and live with him forever.  I KNOW that Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, was killed, and was resurrected. And, thanks to Him, we will all live after death and we have the opportunity to have eternal families.  And I KNOW that we can become an eternal family thanks to Him!  

Ua here au ia otou!

Elder Jessop

Tahitian Words of the Week: (I find words all the time that are like sounds in English, but are words in Tahitian that I like.  Here are some!)

- A'o- (sounds like after you drop something and you say ahhh ohhh) means "to counsel"

- Nounou- (sounds like when a baby is about to do something bad and you say noo noo) means "to covet" or "greedy"

- Pau- (like in cartoons, pow!) mean "to be destroyed"

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