Monday, February 3, 2014

The Priesthood…. What a Blessing!

Ia Ora Na to'u utuafare!

I didn't even know it was the superbowl.  But, the seahawks are my team, so I guess that's cool ha.  

The priesthood is such an amazing thing!  When I first came here, my favorite thing to do was give blessings!  And, I still love it so much!  You can really feel God's love for them when you're giving a blessing!  With the weather, there weren't really thunderstorms here.  I've only seen two, maybe three, here so far.  But, it was close because it's been hot and rainy.  For p-day today, we left to go to town at 7, sang, and then visited a returned missionary at the hospital.  Last week, he got a disease from rats and almost died.  We went to the hospital last week and gave him a blessing when he was in a coma.  The doctors said that he should have died, but today he was out of the coma, eating, and talking just fine.  Just another crazy experience with the priesthood.  We're sooo blessed!  Anyways, we just got back and are doing e-mails.  After, we have a lesson and a family home evening with one of my favorite families here right now!

I don't really have a lot of time to write, but I just wanted to share a short story.  The family who we are going to have a family home evening with tonight we teach twins and their kids.  We have had two lessons with them all.  And, at the church yesterday, we have a class where we teach our investigators.  Before we started our class, one of the twins, Iolanda, stood up and introduced herself to the class, said that she knows the church is true, which she hadn't told us yet, and then invited the rest of the class to pray and ask God if it's true!  Cho nave!  Power!  I love how it's always the Spirit that converts people, not the missionaries!  And, it always brings them joy and makes them want to follow Christ and help others do the same!  I know that this church is true!  And, I love my mission and the people here!  And, I love my Father in Heaven so much!  I'm so grateful for everything!  Thanks so much for all you do!  I love you!

Ua here au ia oe!

Elder Jessop

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