Monday, June 16, 2014

Off to Papeete

Iaorana to'u utuafare!

This week was transfer week.  Elder Moller is staying in Taapuna, but I got transferred to Papeete.  Still Tahiti and it is in the middle of the "city" here.  My new companion is Elder Tehanin.  He is from New Caledonia.  We just barely made the change a couple hours ago, so I'll let you know more next week ha.  But, I am really excited to serve here.  Elder Tehanin and I are the zone leaders here and our zone is us, the 4 assistants, and then a lot of sister missionaries.  I was super happy and comfortable as a normal missionary, so the Lord had to throw me a curve ball to help me grow ha.  Anyways, I'm excited for the new sector and I will let you know more next week.

I don't remember if I have already talked about Denise or not, but we have an investigator, Denise, and the day before we went to her door, she had prayed for us to come.  After, we did two lessons with her and she has had some bad experiences in life.  She is lost and looking for help.  We started helping her find joy in coming to God, in learning of Him, keeping his commandements, and feeling His love in answers to her prayers.  But, her brother moved back into his house where she was living, so she had to move into town.  And guess what sector she lives in?!  MINE!!!!  haha!  I'm so happy to have this blessing to continue to help Denise build her eternal family.  Her family hasn't had a good opportunity to accept the gospel.  I really want to help this family receive that joy that Denise has started to feel.  I know that that joy can only be found in our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His gospel.  I know that God knows them and He knows me.  That's why I am here right now.  I know He does everything He can to help me be happy and live with Him again.  I know that it's the same for us all.  God loves us and He will help us become an eternal family.  Thank you so much for all that you do!  I love you so much!  Have a great week!

Ua here au ia outou!

Elder Jessop

Fun Fact: I love that the saying "it's a small world" is the same in French.  Especially in Tahiti, I say it all the time ha! 

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