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Monday, July 21, 2014

There ARE People Prepared!

Iaorana to'u utuafare!  

Thanks so much for the email!  That's so crazy that Cody is home (he just returned from his mission in France)!  And, he is perfectly right with the Tahitians speaking French ha.  It depends where you are from on Tahiti how different the French is, but it is different everywhere here ha.  I knew that, but I didn't know everything until we got our new mission president haha.  When we talk with them, we have to really think about what we are saying haha.  Sometimes it is because we mix Tahitian and French together, sometimes they throw in English words like ice cream, and sometimes it is just because the Tahitians changed their French a little, or a lot, I don't really know to what extent haha.  My companion and I talked to Soeur Bize last week and part of the time she was really confused haha.  And, as for ice cream: ice cream here is like ice cream in the U.S., but the French word for ice cream, glace, is when you put juice in the freezer and then eat it kind of like a popcicle.  I love Tahitians haha!

This week, my companion and I had a really amazing experience!  We found someone that God had already done almost everything to prepare and we had the blessing of helping her finish her preparations for baptism.  Actually, they're three, Tupuhina Hunter, Taimiri Hunter, and Elsi, two sisters and their cousin.  They went to a weekly activity that is kind of like efy, but for the young adults. Then, they came to a baptism in our zone and we took them to the visitor's center at the temple.  This week, we started the lessons with them.  The first lesson, we got to know them better and talked a little about God, faith, and the Book of Mormon.  Then, of course, we invited them to get baptized after they have received the answer from God that it is true.  They said of course they would want to!  Excellent Soeurs!  They had each read a little in the Book of Mormon before, so we ended the lesson with blessings to help them feel the spirit and love of our Heavenly Father.  Next lesson, they said that they knew it was true and we helped them fix their baptismal date for the 26 juillet (July 26).  I have never wanted to engage someone to be baptized the next week, but I know that these people have already been prepared by God.  Their faith and desire to follow God is incredible!  I am so blessed to help them continue to grow and strengthen their faith and follow our Heavenly Father!  I was able to feel just a glimpse of the love that God has for those sisters and for each one of us.  I know that God cares about us.  He knows us perfectly.  And, He is doing everything He can to help us have eternal families.  I know He lives and loves us!  Thanks so much for the love and support you give me!  I love you!

Ua here au ia outou!

Elder Jessop 

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