Monday, September 16, 2013

Faaherehere- Protection is Love in Action

Ia Ora Na to'u utuafare!

Thanks for the email, the card, my license, and the treats!  My district leader ended up not giving me the mail slip until the mail was closed on Saturday, so I just barely picked it up and my district was super excited!  Thanks so much for the package!  My district and I loved it ha!  The cinnamon rolls were amazing and we're still making our way through everything else.  Thanks so much!  You're the best!  That's so crazy about the slackline!  If I was home, I could have been there!  Or, it could have been my slackline!  That's so crazy!  I don't even know what to say.  I can't remember if I've told you or not, but I leave the MTC on October 7th.  I can't believe it's only three weeks away!  But, at the same time, sometimes I feel like I've lived here my whole life haha.  The district that came in when I was first made zone leader just barely left.  That was weird haha.

The MTC is an amazing place!  I'm here for the longer than any other mission, and I'm truly blessed because the Spirit here is amazing!  Some things I like are listening to speakers twice a week plus a recorded talk once a week as well.  There is ice cream in the cafeteria twice a week and, I mean, who doesn't like ice cream?  I love talking to people about the gospel and helping people get a better relationship with our Heavenly Father!  I love going to the temple every week and serving in the laundry room after ha!  Now, when the elders in my district and I walk in, the sisters say, "Bonjour mes enfants (Hello my kids)!" and "You came!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"  haha!  I also love the opportunity that I have here to study the gospel and constantly feel the Holy Ghost strongly!  My testimony has been strengthened so much in the short time I've been here! 

Like a week or a week and a half ago, we had a crazy storm and it took a few trees out of the ground here    

I got Jake, Nick, and Sami's emails and tried to send emails back.  Did they not get them?  If not, I'm sorry.  Nick, that's so cool with the long board and COD!  You'll have to tell me how amazingly awesome they are ha!  All the Elders in my district played Battlefield before they came to the MTC haha.  You'll have to tell me how you like the new COD.  When do you actually get it?  And that long board sounds so sweet!  I've never seen a ping pong paddle one ha!  Where'd you find it?  And backflips?!  What?!  That's WAY COOL!  They're the funnest things ever huh ha?!  Can't wait to see you throwing backflips on your snowboard when I come home ha ;).  Jake, I asked you to tell me how school was going, but it sounds like you don't like it that much ha.  School can be rough sometimes ha.  Coach Line is...Coach Line.  That's all I can say ha.  And Mrs. Palmer had a weird class, but I think I did really good in it with extra credit or something ha.  And I never had Fillmore, but I have heard stories....  But, there are a lot of good things about the middle school that you can focus on!  Like, you get more electives, they have huge breadsticks that are way good, and you can take language classes.  Aren't you taking a Spanish?  And my favorite part about the MTC is definitely the temple.  I love going to the session and feeling the Spirit super strong.  And, I love helping in the laundry room after haha.  The sisters are all like super cute grandmas!  And, like I said up above, they love us ha.  They call us their kids haha!  And, I get to speak French there, too, because one of the sisters is from Haiti.  Sami, I loved you're story with the kid and his DS haha.  I laughed SOOOOO hard!  That's way cool about Shandee, but I leave two days before she comes, so I won't see her.  And, I haven't drank the Orange Juice yet haha, but I think it's just the MTC food in general can mess with some people haha.  I've been fine though ha.  And the only new missionaries we've gotten in our zone were the ones I told you about forever ago haha.  But, we get 29-ish new elders/sisters this week!  So excited!  I have hosted the last 3 weeks which is, when missionaries come to the MTC, I pick them up at their car and show them around.  It's really fun!  Last week, there was a huge truck filled with Tongans (in the bed of the truck and inside) singing and screaming haha!  I loved it!  I felt like they were my island brothers ha!  And nice French ma soeur!  Are you in French right now?  If yes, how do you like it?  Talk to me in as much French as you can, and I'll reply, even if it is about a ruler haha.  Oh and this is for all three, Jake, Nick, and Sami, one of the biggest things I wish I would have done before the MTC is play the piano better.  Stick with it!  It can be super hard and kinda boring at first, but once you can start playing fun things, it becomes the coolest thing ever!  So, you don't have to, but, if I were you, I would play as much as possible!  I love you!

Question: Will you find out who Kacey's friend is that owns the pearl thing in Tahiti?  My teacher wanted to know who he was.  Also, I found that my bike has to be in a box and I need the receipt to be able to pick it up at the airport.  Apparently, everyone had found this out before the MTC but me ha.    Sorry, I have to go, but I will tell you one way cool thing I learned from Tahitian this week.  In first Nephi chapter 1, it talks about something like I, Nephi, being highly favored of the Lord, or something pretty close to that I think ha.  Anyways, in Tahitian it uses the verb "faaherehere," which means to protect, instead of favored.  So, it says that the Lord protected him in all his days or something like that.  I love this because it's so true!  The Lord loves each of us and tries to help us and protect us from harm.  Also, "faaherehere" is my favorite tahitian word right now ha.  The word "here" means love and "faa" makes something a verb.  So, "faaherehere" is verbed love, or love in action, which is to protect.  I love this because we show our love by sacrificing and protecting those things that we love!  Sorry, I have to go, but I love you so much!  Thanks for the e-mails and all you do!  Ua here au ia outou!

Je vous aime,

Elder Jessop

Word of the Week:  Faaherehere- "to protect"

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