Monday, September 2, 2013

Sacrifice Because of Love

Ia Ora Na to'u Utuafare!  (to'u utuafare=my family)

Eaha to'oe huru (How are you?)?  Thank you so much for the fruit this week!  It was AAAMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG!!!  I shared it with my district and the other Tahitian district and everyone LOVED it!  The girls loved how cute it was and said that you are the best family (which you are) and it was so refreshing and so much better than the MTC fruit ha!  Someone took a picture for me, but I don't know where the sisters are right now ha.  So, I'll try to send it either later today or next week.  Also, the chocolate covered fruit...Holy Cow!!!  Too good!  The chocolate covered bananas were the BEST things EVER haha!!!  So, thanks!  I love you!  You're the best!  Also, thanks for the card, e-mails, and pictures.  I loved the pictures!  Jake, Nick, and Sami: so stylin on your first day of middle school!  How was it?  What classes/teachers do you have?  Also, the picture with all of us kids, I didn't remember that one at all ha.  But, I loved it!  C'était totes presh ha!  

Anyways, we finished up French this week and started Tahitian on crazy! ha  The French elders that came in with us leave tomorrow.  It's going to be so weird not to see them ha.  I feel like they're almost in our district because we spend so much time with them and are way good friends!  But, I'm so excited for them!  Also, Elder Peterson (I think you know his dad maybe?  He lives close to the middle school) is in the other French zone and he came last week.  We have gym times together and see each other a lot!  Also, Sister Bowcutt came in this week as well.

Elder Jessop loves him some fruit!
Elder Andersen talked for a devotional on Tuesday night!  It was so good!  I sat on the third row, and, after he was done, there was a rain/thunderstrom; so, he started shaking hands with some people and I just so happened to be blesssed enough to shake his hand ha.  His talk though was really phenomenal!  I feel like all of the MTC talks from apostles that I have seen and watched (we watch old ones every Sunday from apostles) have been the most powerful talks I've ever heard.  They speak so direct and with such a massive Spirit...It's incredible!  Anyways, he talked on love and sacrifice.  These two concepts are inseparably connected.  When you love someone/something, you sacrifice for them.  Also, we only sacrifice something because we love something else more.  The Savior sacrificed SOOOOOO much when He atoned for Our sins and Our bad feelings.  And why did He sacrifice SO much?  Because He loves us even more!  The same is true for me and my mission.  I didn't really understand why I love the people of Tahiti already and I haven't even met them.  But, it's because I've sacrificed for them.  I am sacrificing my time, my education, and time with you, my family, for them.  But, any and all of my sacrifices are more than worth it because I love the Lord and I love the people in my mission.  

I don't think there is a literal translation for "May you live with the angels" (a request from Judy).  But, one could say "Je voudrais que tu vivrais avec les anges."

Thanks so much (Maururu roa!)  Je vous aime!

Je t'aime,

Elder Jessop

Fun Fact:  Tahiti has different electrical outlets, so, if you ever find yourself traveling there, you may want to find an adapter!

Word of the Week:  Tahitian word of the day, will actually be a lot of words ha.  I would like to bare my small testimony to you in Tahitian

Ua ite au e, e ekalesia mau te ekalesia a Iesu Metia.  Ua ite au e, e buka mau te buka a mormona.  Ua ite au e,e peropheta mau O Iosepha Semita.  Ua ite au e,e peropheta ora O Thomas S. Monson.  Ua ite au e, O Iesu Metia i ta tatou faaora.  Ua ite au e,e te Atua ta tatou Metua i te ao ra.  Ua ite au e, pahono te Atua to tatou mau pure.  Na roto i te i'oa O Iesu Metia, Amene.  

I know that this church is true.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet.  I know that Christ is our Savior.  I know that God is our Heavenly Father.  I know that God answers our prayers.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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