Monday, September 23, 2013

Upootia- Keep Your Head Up

Ia Ora Na to'u utuafare!

Me and another French elder, Elder Gouttin.
He dropped a cake on the floor, started eating it on the floor, and then
wiped frosting all over my face (some got washed off)!  He's so funny!

Thanks for the email!  I loved hearing about a kid getting thrown out of a window haha...okay, that sounds super bad, but you know what I mean ha.  Thanks for all you are doing for me!  You're the best!  Also, thanks for the dear elders!  I love reading them!  And, thanks again for the package the other week.  We're still eating stuff out of it haha!  We love it!  Thank you so much, again!  You're amazing!  We've talked a little about administering and ministering, in our zone/district leader meetings, and I thought a lot about you, Mom.  There are a lot of important administering aspects of relief society.  You have to prepare lessons, you have to plan activities, and do a TON of stuff for the ward.  But, even more important than these administering aspects are the ministering aspects.  And, I feel like you demonstrate this perfectly!  I feel like you truly leave the 99 to find the 1 and help them/carry them to safety.  Thank you so much for your example!  Also, thanks Matt for the letter.  I loved reading your letter!  The camp sounds super fun ha!  And thanks for the scripture!  It was super great!  You are all really such great examples for me!  This week, it started getting real that I'm going to Tahiti haha!  We should get our travel plans this Friday and leave on the 7th!  So crazy ha!  Also, I think I told you about my "temple moms" haha.  They said that they are bringing candy for us next week because it will be our last temple visit ha!  They're so cute!

We definitely had to have a mini celebration for the 21st of September!

Anyways, my Tahitian word this week is "upootia."  Tahitian combines words a lot to make new words, and "upootia" is like raised head and it means to overcome.  I like this word for a couple reasons.  I like it because it reminds me of "keeping your head above water," and as long as your head is above the water, you're good.  However, sometimes I feel like we can't keep our head up alone.  Sometimes, our head should be underwater, but God is keeping us afloat.  He loves us and He wants to help us through all of our trials.  I also like it because it reminds me to stay positive.  During trials, it is important to keep a "raised head" and have faith that God will help us endure it well.  Your testimonies are so strong!  And, I'm so grateful that we have the wonderful gift of the gospel in our lives!  I watched one of Elder Holland's recorded talks last night and he briefly mentioned how blessed we are to have the gospel.  He explained how there was only one temple in the "Old World" in Jerusalem and it was in and out of use.  Now, (at the time of the talk), there are like 139 temples, but there are still so many people who don't have this wonderful gift.  They're lost, whether they know it or not ha.  I don't know if my explanation of it made sense, but I really am just so thankful that we have this wonderful gift of the gospel!  I can't imagine losing a loved one without the knowledge that I would see them again and that I could live with them forever!  I'm so excited to help people with these same trials and help them find comfort and joy in the gospel and in the plan of salvation/happiness!  

One of the French elders in the other Tahitian district gets really bad
migraines and can't get the medicine in Tahiti, so he has been meeting
with the District President.  This week, he got reassigned to Lyon, France.
I don't know all the reasons of why he got called to Tahiti, but I think a lot
of it was to be an example to us.  He is an amazing elder!  He is always so
happy and makes everyone around him more happy, as well!
I'm going to miss Elder Ganne-Soulary!
An emeritus 70 (I can't remember his first name, but his last name was Bateman) came and spoke yesterday.  In his talk, he told a story of a sister missionary that was in the MTC about 5 months ago.  I think after like 2 months of her mission, her companion was sick, and she had to take her to the hospital.  While there, she watched a man in the waiting room fall down and die (he described it a lot, but I felt like that's unnecessary).  The missionary watched the man's wife rush to him and cry.  The sister missionary was heartbroken and wanted to tell the lady about the plan of salvation, and that she would be able to see her husband again.  However, she didn't.  She wrote about the experience in her journal and began praying and seeking to find this woman.  A month later, the sister missionary and her companion were asked to visit an inactive member.  As they got talking, the missionaries found out that the lady next door's husband died about a month ago.  After their visit with the nonmember, the missionaries went to the house.  And, they came to find out that it was the lady from the hospital.  The sister missionary had her journal with her and asked the woman to read her entry on the day that her husband died.  This woman is currently being taught by these sister missionaries and has found great comfort and joy in the knowledge of the plan of salvation and the greatness of our Savior.  I don't need a crazy story like this on my mission.  But, I'm so excited to do this exact same thing.  I'm here to help people come unto Christ.  And, in doing so, they can receive comfort and joy in the place of doubt, guilt, and sorrow.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and He suffered and atoned for us because He loves us so much!  I know that families can be together forever through Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful, again, for this gospel!  And for you, my family!  I love you so much!  

Ua here au ia outou!

Elder Jessop

P.S.  I just found out that I need crocs.  If you can send them with ties, that would be great.  If not, I'm sure they have some in Tahiti.  Thanks!  You're the best!  Ua here au ia outou!

Word of the Week:  Upootia- "to overcome"

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