Monday, September 30, 2013

Travel Plans

Ia Ora Na to'u utuafare!

Carson told me a little about grandma's funeral and it sounded like the Spirit was super strong!  I'm sure grandma loved it!  I talked about this last week, so sorry ha, but I was reminded of it again this week.  Last night, I watched a Joseph Smith movie, and his relationship with his brother, Alvin, really stood out to me.  I can't imagine how hard it was for Joseph Smith to lose his brother and have everyone telling him that his brother was lost because he wasn't baptized.  But, I also imagined how much joy he must have received when he received the revelation about baptisms for the dead!  It's different with grandma, because she was obviously baptized, but it's all about the plan of salvation.  I can't imagine being like Joseph and wondering if I would ever see my family again.  We're so blessed to have the knowledge that we will see her again!  It's such a comfort and joy!  

Anyway, what have you been up to?  This week was pretty normal, except for we got our travel plans this week!  I was so excited haha!  I sprinted to the class when I found out ha!  We leave the MTC at 7:30 a.m. a week from today (Monday) and our flight to L.A. is at 10:30.  Then, we have like a 4 hour lay-over before we fly to Tahiti.  So, that's when I will call.  I don't have the times with me right now (I forgot the paper at my residence), so I will email you specific times later today.  But, I will try to do it around 3 so that the triplets can be there.  Does that work for you?  I will probably send home a package this week of things that I don't need/can't take to Tahiti, just FYI ha.  Also, the "bike guy" talked to us this week.  I guess if we don't have our bikes by Thursday, he takes us to get them.  I'm sure you're on top of it, I'm just passing on the word ha.  Oh, also, I think I'll be able to e-mail you again before I leave, but our branch presidency hasn't said when...sorry ha.  I would say either Friday or Saturday probably.  

Sorry, I don't have very much time, but I wanted to leave with a little quote by one of my teachers, Soeur Buswell, that I really liked.  When she was giving us advice about our missions, she said, "Come a step closer to Christ every day."  I loved this!  And, it's not just with missions, it's a forever thing.  Every day/night, we should have a "devotional" with our Heavenly Father.  We should tell Him about our day: what went good, what went bad, what we're thankful for, and what we need help with and find out what we can do to come closer to him the next day.  I liked it because it's simple.  God doesn't expect us to change dramatically every day.  But, if we take a little step closer to Him every day, we can get SO close to Him and be SO happy!  Also, I taught a Tahitian named Tamatoa in TRC again this week.  Every week they give us a card with feedback.  But, this week on the back of it, he wrote his phone number and e-mail haha.  We're pretty much Tahitian brothers now haha.  Anyways, I love you so much!  And thanks for all you do!

Ua here au ia outou!

Elder Jessop

Just some Tahitian fun-facts: Tahiti was the first international mission.  So, there are some people that are like 8th generation Latter-Day Saints.  Also, scientists think that people from Hawaii, Mauri, Rapanai, and Tahiti all stemmed back to people living on Tahiti (the island Raaitea just north of the Tahitian island).  They think that Hagoth and his people sailed and split into two groups.  One group went to Tahiti and the other went to Samoa.  Also, some people can trace their lineage back to this trip to a man named Tiki and a woman named Hina. One last thing for today, Tahiti means to be taken up into heaven.  Preeeetttttty sweet haha!

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