Monday, October 14, 2013

First Week in Tahiti!

Ia  Ora Na!

Thanks so much for the email!  And, it was way good to talk with you too!  Sorry it was so short.  And I don't think they wear grass skirts here either ha.  Maybe they will for cérémonies or something?

So, my new companion is named Elder Fitzsimmons and he's from Lehi, Utah.  We're serving in an area called Papeari and it's on the main island of Tahiti but away from the city.  This week I saw God's hand in my life a lot!  The first night in my area, I had a Lesson with an investigator named Eliane.  My companion taught most of the lesson, I just testified and shared a scripture.  But, I shared scriptures that I had just found on the plane, and I felt like they were perfect for her. (one scripture I shared was 1 Néphi 17:50).  I know that God helped me do that both for Eliane and me.  Also, I eat and kind of like the crazy food here? which is definitely a gift from God because I am picky and the food here can be crazy and/or raw ha!  I will send some pictures.  I have to go, but I love you!

Ua here au ia orua!

Elder Jessop

Some strange food so far:  1. dog and oysters and 2. crazy fish

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  1. WOW!!! Only for God's work could you eat that....yikes!! He is such an amazing missionary...can't wait for today's email! OX (Carson, thanks so much for keeping us informed through this blog.)