Monday, October 28, 2013

Eliane's Baptism

Ia Ora Na!

Sorry my letters are really bad right now.  We've had some crazy things happen on p-days.  But, thanks for being so good with yours!  I love reading them and I'm glad everything is going good there!  Love you all so much!  Anyways, Tahiti, this place is crazy!  People live in tin sheds, but they are still the happiest people!  Also, they have nothing, but they give everything!  They think of us missionaries as prophets, so they feed us, every night, a TON of food!  And make sacrifices for us all the time!  They do this because they see serving the missionaries as serving Christ!

Also, yesterday, one of our investigators got baptized.  I think I mentioned her before, but her name is Eliane Cornu.  And it was an amazing day because she is especially close to my heart.  I had my first lesson ever with her and a lot of spiritual experiences.  She reminds me of Sandy, and her husband like my Dad, so I love them so much!  She has changed so much since we started!  And her friends and family have noticed and she said it is because of the church.  She is already an amazing example to others!  When she was baptized, I felt so much peace and joy!  It was such an amazing experience!

Sorry, I have to go, but I love you so much!  Thanks for all you do!

Elder Jessop

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